on your forthcoming marriage. We hope the following information will be of use to you in the process of planning your special day.

Our churches 
We have three lovely churches in our parish.
St Laurence, Tidmarsh is a very ancient, simple and beautiful with a capacity of up to 80 people.

St Nicholas, Sulham is a pretty Victorian church and can seat 80, with room for a few more in the choir stalls.
St James the Less, Pangbourne is a Victorian church with more recent facilities, eg toilet, small kitchen, modern lighting, carpet and children’s area with seating for up to 200.

Our churches are maintained and prepared for services by volunteers.  Those who prepare the churches for worship are called vergers and a small fee is charged to cover their costs. 

None of our churches has its own car parking facility and we rely on the generosity of good neighbours to allow parking on their land for special occasions such as weddings. 

In Pangbourne we recommend using the pay and displaycar parks at the village hall and the working men’s club.  A few cars (for the bridal party) may be parked in Riverview Road, next to church, for the duration of the service only. 

In Tidmarsh special arrangements will need to be made for parking. To make these please contact Julia Sheppard.  

In Sulham Nunhide Lane is often used by farm traffic so arrangements for your guests to park in an adjacent field must be made with, and at the discretion of, the Sulham Estates farm manager  John Haggarty 0118 984 4122.

Each church has an organ, small and simple in the two little churches, and a more complex instrument and a grand piano in St James.  We have a list of both professional and volunteer organists. Please contact the following to arrange for your hymns and music to be played at your wedding. Permission may be given if you wish to have a visiting organist and a charge will be made towards the organ fund.  

Contact Mrs Wilma Grant

St James also has a sound system with a hearing loop for the hard of hearing.

Our churches are very photogenic! Your photographer is welcome to take photographs during the service at the discretion of, and after arrangement with, the minister officiating.

Video Licence – If filming a video to be copied to others (more than individual video clips on a personal camera) a Limited Manufacturer’s Licence (LML) is required. It is the responsibility of the wedding couple to obtain a licence in advance of the service, and this must be evidenced by the officiating officer. Purchase at Tel: 0208 378 7500. 

We can arrange for you to have the bells rung to announce your marriage. In St James this involves a team of bell ringers, and in St Nicholas one person rings all the bells with the use of a carillon frame. Costs vary accordingly.  It is not possible to have bells in St Laurence. Please contact Len Palfrey on 0118 984 2698

Our churches are decorated with flowers all through the year except during Lent. To talk about your flowers, to find out costs, to choose particular flowers and colours,  or if you have a florist of your choice to advise, please contact the church flower arrangers.
Contact Pauline Jones

All our churches have eco-friendly churchyards with many wild flowers, birds and animals so we really do emphasise that any confetti thrown at your wedding in the churchyard must be biodegradable.  Please ask your guests not to use any other type, particularly foil or plastic.
If you have any questions about the church service, Christian marriage, the legal aspects
of your wedding, or requests for prayer or counselling please ask our Rector
Reverend Heather Parbury, 0118 984 2928
Officiating minister

Our church wardens are responsible for each church and can answer any practical questions you have about the use of the building and grounds.

Jill Palfrey                           0118 984 2698

Julia Sheppard                 0118 956 1820




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